Bio Disk®

Bio-Disk® combines nature with smart technology to purify wastewater

The E.P.C. green solution that effectively treats wastewater at any site, onsite.  
From small communities to large public facilities - environment-friendly, safe solutions that effectively treat wastewater onsite.
Bio-Disk® is a proven, effective and versatile wastewater treatment system - using only 10% of the energy consumed by competitive systems! The system’s exceptionally low energy consumption enables it to be powered by solar energy. The system meets international health and safety standards - no unsafe chemicals or unpleasant odors. The reliable system offers superb ease of operation and low maintenance costs.
The Bio-Disk Rotating Biological Contractor (RBC) system effectively handles wasteBio Disk Installationwater on any site:

♦ Resorts and trailer parks
♦ Army camps

♦ Truck Stops      
♦ Public facilities: Hospitals, prisons, and more

Why Choose Bio-Disk?

Bio-Disk offers simple, superior solutions for onsite  wastewater treatment.  
Tried and tested - Proven system meets 

   international standards for onsite 

   treatment plants    
Easy to use - Simple to install with low

   operation and maintenance costs                          
Energy saver - Very low power consumption                 
Environmentally friendly - Odor and chemical free                  
Flexible - Modular system can be expanded to meet growing needs                
Efficient - Handles up to 3,000 m³/day (750,000 GPD) in any requested effluent


♦ Compliance with  LEED  standards                                      
♦ Check out our video demonstration:

Purification process:

Bio-Disk's effective system leverages the power of nature coupled with smart technology to purify wastewater - its biological treatment processes are based on a unique, fully aerated system which accelerates the growth of biomass and ensures high quality effluent.

♦ Read about Bio-Disk purification process

♦ Fill a Biological Treatment Background Information Form

Why waste it when you can recycle it?

 Bio-Disk® is a registered trade name and patent of E.P.C. Ltd.


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