Many years of Satisfaction to Bio-Robi and Bio-Disk Users as Described by Our Customers:

(A Representative List)

Regional Council Beit-Arie
"…Our familiarity with the Enviromental Protection Company team began two years ago and since then all along the way we met reliability, professionalism, involvement and caring noteworthy. End of the process, the Bio Disk wastewater treatment plant established after professional and detailed planning and execution, to our full satisfaction. E.P.C has made a great job in a short period: maintenance staff maintains the installation in consistently reliable, serious and professional. I would like to express my deep satisfaction from E.P.C and strongly recommend their services. along the way have proved that we were right in selecting the company, the technology behind and the great confidence they are giving us"...
Sincerely, Avi Naim, Mayor 

Israel Ministry of Health
"…Bio – Robi…ease of operation and maintenance, and high effluent quality fits garden watering, allow installation of such devices in small localities, and places such as gas stations, retreat locations, industry, etc."
Shalom Goldberger, Assist. Chief Engineer for Environment

"...Epc provide, since then, a profession maintenance service with high devotion,
on a permanent basis.
The Laboratories Test results are always meet the Ministry of Health regulation
and allow us to use the effluent for our gardening.
I would like to express my satisfaction from the WW plant as well as the company performance and I will deeply recommend using EPC services."
Sincerely,Hugo Yan Trago, manager 

Dor Alon Energy Ltd.
"Knowing there is someoneyou can rely on,obtain quick response, and accurate and reliable follow-up, gives us a great deal of confidence. We receive professional support and backup from the company's management at all times and for any need".
Oded Ben David

Rotem Amphart Negev Ltd.
"EPC has done for us a detailed planning including a civil, mechanical and electrical design, and designing a full Biological process for the clarification. The plant is intended to treat 300 m3 / sanitary wastewater per day with an option for enlargement in the future. (Today the plant is treating 260 m3 / day). Epc has performed the work very professionally and in a short time – It's worth wise to emphasize that the quality affluent results during the whole time since the plant was put into operation - are especially good and usually better then the health ministry's demands. The running operation and maintenance of the system is simple, comfortable and with minimum malfunction. At the Rotem site "Rottem Ampart Negev" use the effluent to water gardening areas about (100 Dunam) at the site's entrance. Epc keeps a steady connection with the referents in Rotem including visit at the site."
Sammy Ohanna,Head of the department For administration and projects

Ecossol Israel,Ecological solutions Ltd.
"We installed "Bio-Robi" Sanitary wastewater system produced by EPC
The  factories are located in isolated areas without any connections to central wastewater systems.
The devices are working in a reliable way. The effluents are in a quality which enables to water gardens.
Incase of failure the service is quick, effective and reliable."
Best regards,Dalik Shiklear,Factory manager

Zova (Kibbutz)
(Bio – Disk) "…the device, 350 m3/day (≈ 85,000GPD), was installed to our full satisfaction…the effluent is of the required quality and is used for agricultural application"

Maale Yosef Regional Council
(Bio – Disk) "…The device installed in Oct 2000, treats 100 m3/day (≈ 25,000GPD) to our full satisfaction… the effluent satisfies all legal requirements and serves to irrigate the fields…"

(Bio – Robi) "…We installed in 1999…after 4 years running...not any failure…the effluent quality was far above our requests…our clients happy…system they can constantly rely on…almost no maintenance, a very few sludge…and very low running costs. "
BIOCLEAN GmbH Friedrichshafen

Hof-Ashkelon Regional council

(Bio – Disk)"…We are working with you over 18 month and all along the way you have been demonstrate reliability, proficiently and most of all, your involvement and concern. It was very convenience and enjoyable to work with you while you performed a professional management with your high technical expertise. Through all the way you have proved that we have made the right decision trusting you all over. We hope you will continue to grow and make the country be proud on Manufactures like you.

Ehud Reich, General Manager



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