Customer's recommendation

"The EPC Bio-Robi system works on the principle of extended aeration with long retention line and the technology is the most innovative and advanced in its kind world wide. 
Since it's installation till today the system works on high standard and without any malfunction. The received effluents are according to all standard requirements and are used to water the plant which are at  Has'hiv'a  interchange.The maintenance team of EPC who maintains the system on a regular basis is reliable, serious and professional.
I'm very satisfied using the system which conforms to all applicable laws and regulations and also from the warm and technical support all along the years"

Zvika Shessel
Teumim Service Ltd.


Paz Onsite Wastewater Plant

Client: Paz Fuel Station
Location: Hashiva  Junction
Gallons per day: 2500

Periodically Tests Results**

B.O.D:  6.5  

T.S.S: 6

*values in mg per liter

B.O.D:  6 T.S.S: 9

Required standard     <20



**tests are performed in 6 months intervals



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