"…Our familiarity with the Enviromental Protection Company team began two years ago and since then all along the way we met reliability, professionalism, involvement and caring noteworthy. End of the process, the Bio Disk wastewater treatment plant established after professional and detailed planning and execution, to our full satisfaction. E.P.C has made a great job in a short period: maintenance staff maintains the installation in consistently reliable, serious and professional. I would like to express my deep satisfaction from E.P.C and strongly recommend their services. along the way have proved that we were right in selecting the company, the technology behind and the great confidence they are giving us"...
Sincerely, Avi Naim, Mayor

Beit-Arie Onsite Wastewater Plant - "Bio-Disk"

Client: Regional Council Beit Arie
Location: Beit Arie
Gallons per day: 140,000

Periodically Tests Results



Required standard



*values in mg per liter



*tests are taken in 6 months intervals
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