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Michigan Receives Commitment from EPC to locate pilot projects in Oakland County

TEL AVIV - Lieutenant Governor John D. Cherry Jr., while on an investment mission last week, secured a commitment from the Israeli company EPC Ltd. Onsite Wastewater Solutions (EPC) to locate pilot projects in Oakland County.  The project will help small communities deal with wastewater issues in an innovative way.  The decentralized approach will help to improve water quality, reduce energy costs, and help communities with local economic development efforts.
"I am pleased to partner with Oakland County and the state of Michigan on this strategic water technology project," said Jeremy Weissman CEO of EPC.  "If these pilot projects are successful, EPC will consider establishing a manufacturing plant in Michigan to help meet future demand."
"Oakland County is looking forward to working with EPC to test the merits of this technology," said John McCulloch, water resources commissioner of Oakland County. 

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