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"The EPC Bio-Robi system works on the principle of extended aeration with long retention line and the technology is the most innovative and advanced in its kind world wide.
Since it's installation till today the system works on high standard and without any malfunction. The received effluents are according to all standard requirements and are used to water the plant which are at  Has'hiv'a  interchange.The maintenance team of EPC who maintains the system on a regular basis is reliable, serious and professional.
I'm very satisfied using the system which conforms to all applicable laws and regulations and also from the warm and technical support all along the years"
Zvika Shessel
Teumim Service Ltd.


Bio Robi

Bio-Robi® Transform wastewater into safe and clear water

The high performance, low maintenance wastewater treatment solution for small sites.
Effective, environment-friendly onsite solutions for domestic wastewater treatment - saving water and contributing to a cleaner environment. 
Bio-Robi® is a novel, patented environment-friendly wastewater solution that converts domestic sewage into clean, odorless effluent for reuse in irrigation or other applications. Efficient Bio-Robi ensures minimal sludge accumulation, requiring removal only once every few years.  While normal septic systems can achieve up to 60% reduction in BOD & TSS, the effluent produced by Bio-Robi is 95% – 98% clean! The reliable system offers superb ease of operation and low maintenance.
Bio-Robi's unique purification process effectively handles sewage on small sites. The versatile system is especially suited to:Bio-Robi installation
Family dwellings
Small communities
Government Facilities

Gas stations and truck stops
Camping grounds and trailer parks
Bio-Robi is an ideal wastewater solution for rural areas or areas without central sewage systems. With Bio-Robi, there aren't any unsafe chemicals or unpleasant odors. The system is particularly effective in regions with poor soil absorption or in water reuse areas. 

Why Choose Bio-Robi?

Bio-Robi offers simple, superior solutions for onsite wastewater treatment and meets international health and safety standards. 
Long term experience - Proven system meets international standards for onsite treatment plants
Easy to use - Simple installation and maintenance
Environmentally friendly - Odor and chemical free
Flexible - Modular system can be expanded to meet growing needs
Efficient - Handles from 1m3 – 12m3 per day (250 – 3,150 GPD)
Effective - Minimal sludge accumulation 

the clear water

Three efficient steps that turn wastewater into clean water:

Bio-Robi's effective system leverages the power of nature coupled with smart technology to purify wastewater and transform it into clean water that can be reused for irrigation -saving water and contributing to a clean environment.

1. Pre-treatment

The sewage inflow collects in the septic tank. Anaerobic digestion is utilized during the initial sedimentation process, achieving up to 60% reduction of BOD & TSS.

 2. Purification

The inflow wastewater from the pre-treatment tank is mixed with compressed air in a special static mixing chamber on top of the tank. The extended aeration process achieves high levels of dissolved oxygen (4-6 p.p.m.), enabling the bacteria to digest the organic load and purify the sewage.

 3. Clarification

Treated effluent flows to the final clarification tank. The remaining suspended particles sink to the bottom of the settling tank and are pumped back for additional purification. The clean, odorless effluent can be used for irrigation and other water reuse applications.
The discharged water is between 95% – 98% clean and is suitable for reuse. Water used for subsurface drip irrigation or for an absorption drain field does not require further treatment. 

Purifies wastewater with a special aerated process  Suspended particles settle; pumped back for additional purificationEffluent discharge 95%-98% clean; ready for reuse


♦ Read more about Bio-Robi purification process


Why waste it when you can recycle it?

 Bio-Robi® is a registered trade name and patent of E.P.C. Ltd.


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