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Lt. Governor Cherry Receives Commitment from EPC to locate pilot projects in Oakland County
Lieutenant Governor John D. Cherry Jr., while on an investment mission this week, secured a commitment from the Israeli company EPC Ltd. Onsite Wastewater Solutions to locate pilot projects in Oakland County. The project will help small communities deal with wastewater issues in an innovative way. The decentralized approach will help to improve water quality, reduce energy costs, and help communities with local economic development efforts. "This commitment is another step in establishing Michigan as the North American leader in water technology as part of the Green Jobs for Blue Waters initiative," Cherry said. "I am pleased to partner with Oakland County and the state of Michigan on this strategic water technology project," said Jeremy Weissman CEO of EPC. "If these pilot projects are successful, EPC will consider establishing a manufacturing plant in Michigan to help meet future demand." "Oakland County is looking forward to working with EPC to test the merits of this technology," said John McCulloch, water resources commissioner of Oakland County.
what is wastewater?
Dirty water that is sent down our drains and toilets is called wastewater. It contains materials that need to be removed before the water is returned to the natural environment. These can include:
• solids and organic matter
• pathogens (disease causing organisms)
• nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, etc.)
• chemicals (cleaners, disinfectants, medications)
• heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc.)

E.P.C. - Environmental Protection Company

E.P.C. Ltd. is one of the leading companies  in the “Cleantech” market , aimed specifically to provide solutions for our onsite Wastewater Treatment customers. The company manufactures and markets several products which replace conventional septic systems at a very cost effective price, and far less expensive units than “package” Waste water treatment plants which are being used in cluster and subdivision projects.

E.P.C. has been active since 1988 in research and development of methods to support friendly coexistence between people and the environment. Preservation of usable water is our main focus. Waste water is one of the primary causes of water contamination. Implementing environmentally friendly treatment of wastewater is the driving force behind E.P.C.'s worldwide activities.

Innovative Company

E.P.C. Ltd. focuses on development, production and sales of a range of onsite wastewater treatment plants based on a full biological process.
Company products incorporate proprietary techniques for air-positive biological reduction: the "Bio-Robi", for instance, employs a water – air mixing chamber that enables better absorption of the oxygen by the water, and a failure notification system.
E.P.C. is one of the major suppliers of wastewater treatment plants and equipment in Israel today, thanks to the company's efficient products: the "Bio-Robi" and the Rotating Biological Contactor “Bio-Disk”.
E.P.C. provides its Israeli customers with systems, installation, maintenance and service, and has achieved an excellent professional reputation as a firm with long-range vision, creative and qualitative solutions, personal and professional reliability and high-level services.


Highly Experienced Lead Team


The company's technical team is responsible for all project stages from plant set up, to continuous support and professional service, to assure smooth operation of the plant and proper maintenance. E.P.C. designs efficient, innovative processes, and performs throughout all stages of a project , from site surveys and laboratory tests to regulatory approval

Products Proven in Hundreds of Installations

The company has installed hundreds of wastewater systems in various locations such as small communities, single family dwellings, commercial centers, factories , truck stops, agriculture requirements and government facilities.  


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