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..."We installed in 1999… after 4 years running...not any failure…the effluent quality was far above our requests…our clients happy... system they can constantly rely on… almost no maintenance, a very few sludge…and very low running costs. "
BIOCLEAN GmbH Friedrichshafen

Family Dwelling

The cleantech wastewater solution for individuals homes

Household Sewage-Statistics facts:
The average household disposes of roughly 200 to 400 gallons of wastewater per day – 45 to 100 gallons per person. Forty percent (40%) is from the toilet (blackwater); sixty percent (60%) is from all other plumbing fixtures (greywater). Therefore, household sewage is mostly water (99.9%). The remaining 0.1% is organic matter, suspended and dissolved solids, nutrients, and bacteria.

Bio Robi is the finest, most up to date aerobic sewage system available to the homeowner and isolated buildings. A complete aerobic sewage treatment plant, designed and built with pride by E.P.C Systems.  The Bio Robi will produce organic reduction up to 90%, and Suspended Solids reduction of up to 96%when properly maintained. This assures a trouble free, odor free, environmentally sound sewage system.

A reliable residential wastewater treatment system is an essential part of your property’s value!!

Our leading family dwelling projects:

Private Onsite Wastewater Plant - "Bio-Robi" 500 GPD -Cyprus

Private Onsite Wastewater Plant - "Bio-Robi" 500 GPD -Israel

Private Onsite Wastewater Plant - "Bio-Robi" 250 GPD -Germany

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