Customer's recommendation
The bio-disk wastewater treatment plant, made by EPC LTD, is working and serving Talmei-yaffe community.We are working with you over 18 month and all along the way you have been demonstrate reliability, proficiently and most of all, your involvement and concern. It was very convenience and enjoyable to work with you while you performed a professional management with your high technical expertise.Through all the way you have proved that we have made the right decision trusting you all over.We hope you will continue to grow and make the country be proud on Manufactures like you.
Sincerely Yours,Ehud Reich,General Manager
The developing company for Hof-Ashkelon

Talmei Yafe onsite Wastewater plant

Client: Regional Counsil Hof Askelon
Location:  Moshav Talmei Yafe
Gallons per day: 39,500

Periodically Tests Results

B.O.D:  5.3

T.S.S: 8


NH3:  0.9

     Required standard





*values in mg per liter

*tests are performed in 6 months intervals





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