Appreciation letter, Dor Alon Energy Company

"Mr. Becker,your technical manager, is handling the service of our 12 onsite waste water treatment plants all over the country, by demonstrating a professional work coupled with a thorough monitoring and control without any compromising with the height level of the service we are getting.The feeling that we can trust your performance and your professional answers gives us the high level of confidence..." Sincerely yours,Oded Ben David,Technical & Logistic Manager

Truck Stops

Our wastewater solution for Rest Areas

As part of our comitment  to serve our custommers wherever their needs are, we have developed an innovative and cost effective solution for remote areas such as trucks stops and rest areas along the highways.

The treated wastewater can be reused for local irrigation of landscapes. we can provide any size of onsite wastewater treatment plant  for any inflow rate, in a very cost-efficient footprint. Our systems are odor free, easy to install and to maintain, Modular (easily expandable as needs grow), Require neither chemicals nor any additives.  

Some of Our Wastewater installations serving various Truck Stops :

Paz Onsite Wastewater Plant - silver Fuel Station

Dor Alon Onsite Wastewater Plant - Bnei Zion Fuel Station

Dor Alon Onsite Wastewater Plant - Ganei Huga Fuel Station

Paz Onsite Wastewater Plant - Hashivaa Fuel Station

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