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The bio-disk wastewater treatment plant, made by EPC LTD, is working and serving Talmei-yaffe community.We are working with you over 18 month and all along the way you have been demonstrate reliability, proficiently and most of all, your involvement and concern. It was very convenience and enjoyable to work with you while you performed a professional management with your high technical expertise.Through all the way you have proved that we have made the right decision trusting you all over.We hope you will continue to grow and make the country be proud on Manufactures like you.
Sincerely Yours,Ehud Reich,General Manager
The developing company for Hof-Ashkelon


The most comprehensive and effective  wastewater solution for small communities

Whether you’re a home owner, a developer, or a municipal representative, a reliable residential wastewater treatment system is an essential part of your property’s value. E.P.C. delivers permanent, compact, and flexible solutions adapted to your needs.
With more than 100 systems installed across Israel and Europe, E.P.C. offers highly standard decentralized wastewater treatment solutions.

Bio-Disk offers simple, superior solutions for onsite wastewater treatment:

♦ Tried and tested - Proven results meets  international standards for onsite wastewater treatment   plants
♦ Easy to install – Simplicity in design & construction: 4-6 month for operation.
♦ Low operation & maintenance costs - only 30% of any other systems.
♦ Small footprint – Very small space required.
♦ Energy saver - Very low power consumption only 10% of conventional systems.
♦ Environmentally friendly - Odor and chemical free.
♦ Modular system - Can be expanded to meet growing needs.
♦ Efficient - Handles up to 3,000 m³/day (750,000 GPD) in any requested effluent  quality.
♦ LEED standards – Maximum comply with  LEED  green building standards.
♦ A huge database and knowhow  placing us in the technology front

While environmental care is everyone’s responsibility we, at E.P.C, take it one step further by investing a lot of efforts in order to create new technologies which will help small communities to  reuse water and keep a clean environment.

Few of our  Wastewater installations serving various  Communities:


NEW!! Beit Arie Onsite Wastewater Plant - Bio Disk 140,000 GPD

Recently E.P.C has completed a big project of Bio Disk onsite wastewater treatment plant (WWPT) Beit Arie - Offarim Regional Council. The plant was designed as a modular system which will enable to enlarge as the community grows, whithout any need of additional infrastructure.
This phase the WWTP recives 140,000 GPD and will grow up to 200,000 GPD at phase B, with an option to accommodate the plant for 300,000 GPD without significant infrastructures changes.
The Bio Disk onsite wastewater plant was built under the "green" vision of sewage recycling and its transformation for irrigation or any other use within contributing the ecological equilibrium.
The Bio Disk plant will include a visitors center and a youth educational center of water & wastewater recycling.

Beit-Haarava Onsite Wastewater Plant

Bio-Disk 6,250 GPD (Gallons Per Day)

Talmei Yafe onsite Wastewater plant

Bio-Disk 40,000 GPD

Amazia onsite wastewater plant

Bio-Disk 7,500 GPD

Netiv Haasara Onsite Wastewater Plant

Bio-Disk 60,000 GPD
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